ExIT (2015)

ExIT is a Point&Click-Adventure-Game, made in Unity by the entire class during our first semester at ZHdK.



In ExIT, you play as a developer facing off against an eccentric AI of her own creation, to escape the program she had entered for debugging purposes.



Arno Justus (Writing, Art, User Interface, Trailer)

Aleksandra Iakusheva

Dominik Würsch

Jelena Krstic

Johannes Köberle

Julian Schönbächler

Malik Benabdallah

Marcel Arioli

Martina Hotz

Michael von Ah

Moritz Göldi

Myriam Assunçao

Nicole Manojlovic

Sebastiaan Cator

Selina Capol

Tobias Dupuch



Download ExIT

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