Manspider (2015)

Manspider is a 2D Arcade-Game, created in Game Maker Studio by Marcel Arioli and me during our first semester at ZHdK.

It is based on the Atari 2600 Game "Spiderman".



Alan Arachnidae was just a regular spider, until he was bitten by a radioactive human. He then turned into the mysterious superhero, Manspider, and has to rescue the journalists taken hostage by media mogul Bent Lee in his flying Bentley.

But due to Manspider's lack of self confidence caused by his ugliness, he can only be photographed so many times by the journalists working for Bent Lee before succumbing to depression.



Marcel Arioli (Lead Programmer, Additional Art)

Arno Justus (Artist, Story, Level Design, Additional Programming)

arno justus 2018