Your Day (2017)

Your Day is an Adventure-Game made by Selina Capol and me during our fourth semester at ZHdK.



You play as Emma Earhart, a young woman who died recently. She gets to spend one last day on earth in her hometown of Bay Creek, Maine, which she left several years ago.

There, she can spend the day however she likes, meet many old friends, family and acquaintances, and even unravel the town's decade old mystery.



In Your Day, you can freely explore the town of Bay Creek. But you only have a very limited amount of time to do that, reflecting the short amount of time the main character has left.

Since every single thing the player does or doesn't detracts from their remaining time, everything has an impact.

There is also a focus on replayability, since there isn't enough time to experience all 6 NPC-storylines in a single playthrough.



Selina Capol (Concept, Art, Animation)

Arno Justus (Concept, Game Design, Writing, Programming)



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